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updated October 2018
Plus an Appendum of Changes/Additions and Amendments 2019
Rule Changes & Amendments 2019
New Amendment to the Dress Code from July 2019

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What do I need as a NZBDC (Council) Registered Dancer to Dance in Australia?
All you need is your NZBDC registration letter. Australia  recognises NZBDC as the major Governing Body for Ballroom Dancing & Dancesport in New Zealand.

How do I register with Council?
To register as an Amateur or a Professional go to
To register as an Amateur Teacher please complete and sign

What happens if I enter Competitions in New Zealand not registered with Council?
Unfortunately some organisers choose to follow their own Rules and not register their event or judges with Council. They can follow their own rules, or even no rules at all. Be aware that unregistered competitions  may require you to pay a registration fee to their own organisation and follow rules that are different to Councils. Because these events operate outside of Council we are unable to recognise any wins, have jurisdiction over judges qualifications or couples grades or handle any issues you may have at the Competition.

As the Professional Sponsor of a Teaching Amateur do I have to supervise every lesson the Amateur gives?
No. Your role as the Professional Sponsor is to ensure the Amateur is following your processes and recommendations.

Who is the Council Registrar?
The Council Registrar is Darrell Crozier. All enquiries can be sent to him through the contact page on this website.

How are the Age Categories different in NZ to Australia?
Most of the Age Categories are exactly the same. The big difference in New Zealand is:
Juvenile & Junior - for Australia, the Age is taken from the oldest person and the Age they will become during the year is their Age Category from the start of that same year. ie John turns 13 on 8th November 2018 therefore he must dance Junior for all of 2018 (starting 1st January 2018)

Youth can dance Youth and Adult
Adult can dance Adult
Masters 1 can dance Adult and Masters 1
Masters 2 can dance Adult, Masters 1, and Masters 2
(unless otherwise stated by the organiser in the syllabus of events)
We currently have no Masters 3 in NZ 

Can I dance up a level in New Zealand?
Yes. you are permitted to dance your own level and one above.

How do I know a judge is qualified?
All judges at NZBDC registered competitions must have passed a practical and theory examination in the style they are judging with a Council recognised Professional Association. All Adjudicators must hold up to date registration with Council. To judge a New Zealand Championship a NZ judge must have passed at least the Licentiate level of Examination (the 2nd highest level).  There are no exceptions allowed to this.

Who is the Privacy Officer of Council?
The Secretary of Council - Robert Connors, you can contact him through the contact page on this website.
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