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Council appreciates that some Registrants would like to see the minutes of the meetings held in Council. In the 54 years of Council these have not normally been published, however, in our transition into a more open Association, below are the meeting minutes for the last 2 years. In this day and age many more day to day discussions and issues are also discussed and resolved via emails between Trustees and Officers of Council.

Remits for the Council AGM held in February 2019 Minutes of the Council AGM held in February 2019
Minutes of the Special General Meeting held in August 2018
Minutes of the Council AGM held in February 2018

UPDATE for the Winter Star Festival, 20th July 2019

The Committee of the New Zealand Federation of Dance Teachers Auckland Area have made changes to the conditions of entry to confirm that all events on the Winter Star Festival programme will be run solely under the Rules of the New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council. The New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council welcomes this decision. We wish the organisers, competitors and all who attend a wonderful day of dancing.
kind regards
Kingsley Gainsford


Dear Registrants,
Regettably this Council has had to withdraw its approval for the Winter Star Festival to be held in Auckland on 20th July 2019 to be run under the Rules of this Council.

This is due to the Organisers of this event, NZFDT- Auckland, choosing to run some events under this Council and some events under a Society we know very little about. In the history of this Council a Competition has never applied to run their Competition under our Rules and then attempted to run some of the Events under another.

As past experience has taught us, attempts to flaunt Council Rules have never resulted well and Council wishes to protect it's reputation and it's Registrants by distancing itself from Organisers who think they are above above Council Rules

The decisions made by Auckland - NZFDT are out of our control. Any dancer is free to dance at this event. But, this event will not be run under this Councils Rules

kind regards
Kingsley Gainsford
President - New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council

NZ Ambassador - Freedom to Dance
Vice President - Asia Pacific Dance Council


Council Wins

NZFATD Inc (President - Laurel Taylor) and NZDA Inc (President - William Joyce) claim payments from Council - but Council Wins
Disputes Tribunal Hearing


Council Wins

Roy Brook - former NZD&DC Registrar takes Council to Court and
Council Wins 

As some dancers may be aware, Roy Brook [the former registrar] took a personal grievance against the representatives of NZD&DC. This matter went to Mediation and then the Employment Relations Authority, The full text of this decision can be read at Council wins ERA Determination

The authority found at paragraph [59] “Standing back and assessing this matter objectively, there was no evidence of a common intention by the parties to enter into an employment relationship at all. Accordingly Mr Brooks was not an employee...”

Roy Brook unlawfully removes  $ 23,999 from Council accounts

Council defence costs                 $ 76,000 for legal representation

                                           Total  $ 99,999

Roy Brook ordered to repay $ 23,999 to Council 

Roy Brook pays costs           $ 40,746.80 (maximum awarded to Council by the Court                                                                                                                                                                system) 

                                Balance   $ 35,253.20 

It is highly unlikely that Roy Brook will pay the Balance of $35,253.20 to Council. Unfortunately, this means that there will be $35,253.20 less in travel funds available to our dancers. The good news is that the case is closed and Roy Brook will not be given access to Council money ever again.                  

 New Zealand Ballroom Dance Council
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